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Hackler Plumbing is a family owned business serving customers in the Fairview, Texas area. We strive to offer an array of plumbing services to local residents, providing top notch service at competitive prices. And thanks to our loyal customers, we have grown to four crews, each of which has an experienced, licensed plumbing contractor.

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While we began in McKinney, we’re not a new plumbing contractor in Fairview, Texas.  We have served residents there for years. One of our popular service requests is slab leak detection.  Due to the nature of slab leaks, customers need an experienced technician to accurately locate problem areas and correctly repair them with the least amount of intrusive damage to a home. Leaks can cause foundation damage, mold problems and health issues if left untreated. It also makes your home more vulnerable to the unique weather patterns that Texas offers.

In Texas, the saying goes that “If you don’t like the weather, give it five minutes. It will change”. This can cause many issues with your plumbing, from burst pipes to low water pressure. Because of this, our aim is to not only repair plumbing damage that is already done, but to also educate customers on ways to prevent and minimize future damage. Another plumbing service requested during seasonal change is water heater repair or replacement.  Cold weather creates a higher demand on this seldom appreciated system, and Fairview residents can be glad to know we can respond promptly.  If you notice any issues with your water heater, be sure to contact us immediately.

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Regular Plumbing Maintenance:

Cleaning out your drains regularly will prevent water from backing up into other parts of the house, lowering your risk of future leaks and overflows. Wood soaks up water like a sponge. Leaks in these scenarios could damage vital pieces of your home that are several feet away from the source. If you notice a running toilet or a slow drain, you shouldn’t put off taking care of it.  A leaky toilet can become very expensive over time, and a slow drain can signal a bigger problem beneath the surface.  While most issues with sewage tend to be localized, there are ways to tell there is a more serious issue. Gurgling sounds from a toilet, the smell of raw sewage and water consistently pooling in your shower are some things to pay attention to. Call us immediately if you witness any of these signs. With our state of the art sewer and drain cleaning equipment, we can shed time off of your wait so you can get back to your life, worry-free. Our service call charge is one of the lowest in the Fairview area, so it makes sense to call us if you think there might be a more serious problem developing. We will give you straightforward and honest advice, and give you options for resolving your plumbing issues. For a full list of our plumbing services, check out this page for Allen.

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Remodeling Projects that Require Plumbing:

Outside of plumbing repairs we also help our customers with kitchen and bathroom remodels. With rising home values in the North DFW region upgrades like these can provide a nice increase in equity in addition to the rise in market value.  It’s a great time to invest in your home. Design shares the same elements as fashion. There are seasons, and seasons pass. The kitchens from the 90s were flooded with pickled cabinets and faux laminate countertops. Investing to update a 1990’s kitchen or bathroom could increase the value of your home, and make it more enjoyable in the meantime.  Whatever your motivation, Hackler Plumbing can help estimate plumbing upgrades and perform all of the work, including the installation of a new dishwasher.

A Track-Record of Happy Customers:

We appreciate the reviews and testimonials written by our customers on our Yelp plumbing profile and the Hackler Google page that illustrate our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We are proud and humbled to see such loyalty from our customers, and will strive to continue to provide excellent customer service. We often provide same day service and are open 6 days a week. We also accept major credit cards and checks.  At Hackler Plumbing, we want our clients to trust us with big jobs to smaller items, such as correcting code violations.

Our customers refer to us as respectful, down to earth, and affordable as we are proud to keep our service fee at a competitive $39. The service call charge can applied to the work we complete, so it only makes sense to gather an opinion from a licensed plumbing contractor. As a high integrity plumber servicing McKinney, Frisco, Allen and Fairview, we are proud to continue meeting the needs and expectations of the area.

We are proud to be a go-to plumber in Fairview, Texas. With our specialties in slab leak detection, water heater repair and sewer/drain cleaning, we are pleased to be a trusted resource for our friends and neighbors.  If you have a plumbing need or question, don’t hesitate to call us today:

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