Hot Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Repair in McKinney 

When your water heater goes out, it makes life ten times harder. Not being able to get a comfortable shower after work, wash your dishes with hot water, or even do a load of laundry can be incredibly stressful and inconvenient. 

A lot of people are confused about who to reach out to when they have a problem with their water heater solution. We often get the question “Do plumbers fix water heaters?. The short answer is “Yes!”

McKinney Texas Water Heater Repairs

Our Water Heater Repair Process and Specifications

What To Do When Your Water Heater Is Not Working 

  • Give us a call
  • Make an appointment
  • We arrive at your house 
  • We run the water heater diagnostics 
  • Together we discuss the options 
  • We repair your water heater 

You can call us whether you need water heater repair in Mckinney, Frisco, or Allen Texas. We are available in all of these 3 areas and across all of North DFW.

Types Of Water Heaters We Repair

Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater 

  • Tankless Water Heater (On-Demand Water Heater) 
  • Heat Pump Water Heater (Hybrid Water Heater) 
  • Solar Powered Water Heater 
  • Condensing Water Heater

We provide a 24/7 Emergency Service. Whatever the time is, you can give us a call, and we will be on our way.

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Fortunately, our plumbers not only unclog drains and stop leaks—but also fix, replace, and install water heaters. You can count on Hackler Plumbing to quickly diagnose the problem and determine whether your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced altogether. 

Since water heater repairs usually involve electric and gas lines, safety is important and permits are often required. Our service usually is quick, so we recommend leaving everything to our professionals to take care of. As an added value, after the issue is fixed we will give you a few basic tips on what to do if you face certain issues ever again. 

Common Water Heater Problems 

Below we’ve listed a few common signs that may indicate problems with water heaters.

  • Water doesn’t heat up as much as it used to.
  • A very restricted duration of heated water supply. 
  • A non-functioning pilot light. 
  • A gas odor near the water heater. 
  • Some degrading pieces of plastic in the water.
  • Leaking from different sides or the top
  • A thumping sound or other kind of noise coming from the pipes or the heater itself 

Looking for affordable water heater repair in McKinney? 

Call us today at 214-585-1499 to schedule an appointment!

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  • What to expect during our first appointment?
      • Depending on the type of issue you are facing, the course of action may vary during our first appointment. The common way to start is by running a diagnostic, and only after that, we can provide you with details about the rest of the process. 
  • Can we complete the diagnostic and heater repair in one appointment?
      • Yes! Usually, we try to fix the issues as fast as possible to let you go back to your routine. If there is anything that may cause a delay we will let you know as soon as possible. 
  • How much does hot water tank repair cost? 
      • The cost may vary depending on the type of heater you have and the issue you are facing. However, we will discuss every option to make sure our service is affordable for you. 
  • Do I need a new heater if the old one doesn’t keep the water hot the way it used to?
    • Not always. This issue may have a number of causes that won’t require you to get a new heater. For example, a recent increase in hot water demand in your family may be the cause. In this case, all you’ll have to do is to create a usage schedule to evenly allocate the demand during the day.

Of course, there may be other issues, and a diagnostic will help you determine your next steps. 

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