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McKinney Texas Slab Leak Detection & Repairs

What is a Slab Leak and Why Does it Need Service?

A concrete slab is an element of your home that is usually built directly on the soil (or, in some cases, on a foundation) to provide basic support for the ground floor of your home.  A common part of modern home design in Texas, the slab is usually made of concrete and reinforced with rebar.  This allows your home to be built on a solid foundation that can be poured on the site, helping to alleviate some problems with temperature regulation, and reinforcing the home’s stability and strength.

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Slab Leak Problems That Occur

While slabs are quite popular, they are not without problems.  Slab leak repair has become a major repair item because the piping that is laid underneath the slab is prone to leaking.  There are various causes of this type of leak, but most of the leaks can be detected visually.  When you see water coming up from the floor or the edges of the wall, you may well have a slab leak.  Unfortunately, diagnosing the cause of the problem is not always something that can be done easily at home.  Under slab leak detection is a job for professionals who have experience dealing with these kind of under slab leaks.  Hackler Plumbing specializes in this type of plumbing service.

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Do You Need Slab Leak Repair Service in McKinney?

Slab leak repair is an important, and often difficult, process.  Failure to repair the water leak in a timely manner can lead to significant water damage in your home.  This can not only lead to further structural damage, but can also cause dangerous mold problems.  Fortunately, we have experience in the industry and can locate and fix the problems if given the permission to do so.  A good slab leak repair service will undertake the process of not only finding the source of the leak, but repairing it in a manner that should stop the leak from occurring again.

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We hope this helps answer the common question: “What is a slab leak?” If you suspect one in your home, it is important to address it today.  Failure to do so can cause future problems that will not only be expensive to fix, but might actually be dangerous.  If you want to make sure that your home remains stable and safe, or simply need to determine if your home has this problem, call us today.  We serve McKinney, Frisco and Allen, Texas, and are happy to help you to address issues surrounding your home and your need for slab leak repair service.  If you think you have a problem and need under slab leak detection, Hackler Plumbing a call at 214-585-1499 to get professional help.

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Slab Leak Repair
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