Weird Things Plumbers Find at Work

We all know that plumbers do the dirty work most don’t wish to touch, but there can be some interesting things we run into “behind the scenes.” Beyond our own list of items you may or may not believe we’ve encountered doing plumbing in McKinney, here is a national “top 5 list” recently featured on ABC news. This list was shared in recognition of national “Hug a Plumber” day. Haven’t heard of it? Yea, we know. 🙁 No one has, and that’s why we are ok with the behind-the-scenes dirty jobs, because believe it or not, we plumbers aren’t in it for the glory. In other words, we didn’t choose plumbing…but plumbing chose us.

Here is the list!

Live Iguana 













Wedding Ring
















Roots, of course








Speaking of tree roots…this is one of the most common causes of blockages in sewer lines. While this one pictured is huge, most damage is caused by small “shoots” that make their way into drain pipes. If you notice a difference in your drains, we can inspect with a camera to rule out the worst…clearing your clog or blockage fast.

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