The Vineyards and Wineries of McKinney Texas

mckinney-vineyards-listThere is a special feeling you get when visiting a vineyard that you don’t get anyplace else (and I’m not talking about your feelings after a third glass of wine). They are a special place where you are surrounded by the tranquility of nature, but enveloped by science and artistic processes. It’s a Renaissance experience rolled up into a single trip. If you are looking for a weekend getaway to a vineyard or a winery though, the biggest question most people have is, what exactly are the differences between the two?

Vineyards are a great place to experience the nature side of wine creation. While they might likely have different varieties of wine for sale at them, their primary function is to grow grapes. Rows and rows of vines are lined up for you to explore. Texan grapes in particular are harvested near the end of July, so if you are planning a trip in advance in the state, summertime is a great time to visit.

Wineries on the other hand are where grapes are processed into wine. Here you can learn more about the science behind fermentation, as well as the art of how a wine gets its taste. Wineries sometimes also grow their own grapes, but normally they are brought in from another location.

No matter if you are looking to visit a vineyard or winery, there are typically other activities to do on site. Tours, cheese tastings, and music concerts are frequently available to entertain you during your stay. Different areas of the country have different experiences you can enjoy. But, if you are looking to find a vineyard or winery in the McKinney, Texas area we have a few suggestions on where to start.

Mitas Hill Vineyard

If you want to learn more about the business of growing wine, Mitas Hill is a great place check out. They grow seven varieties of grapes, and would love to tell you about each type. There is also a winery on-site as well as a wine cellar, so you can see the entire winemaking process from seed to table. And, if you want to make a day out of it and get hungry, take some time to try one of their wood fired pizzas.

Landon Winery

Located in downtown McKinney, the Landon Winery produces wines mostly made from Texan grapes, with a few Californian specimens thrown in. They ferment and store many of the wines they sell on site, and offer flights, light appetizers, and cheese trays for guests to purchase. Tours are only on Saturdays, though during the week you can still stop in for wine tastings and a snack.

Wales Manor Winery and Vineyard

Wales Manor is the oldest vineyard in Collin County. Hours of operation vary, but they are always open on the weekends. Besides learning about the wine making process, they regularly host concerts throughout the year on a fun outdoor stage designed to look like the Alamo. There is also a restaurant where you can get appetizers. It’s a great place for a date night or an event.

State wide, Texas has three agriculture regions that produce different types of grapes. Here is a list of some winery reviews, as well as some vineyards that fall just beyond the border of McKinney. The look and feel of McKinney vineyards and wineries are unique to the North-Central Region. No matter where you go though, you are guaranteed a unique take on wine culture. So, get out there, explore as far as you dare, sample a glass (or three) for us, and cheers!

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