How To Fix A Water Leak In The Yard

Underground Water Leaks in McKinney, TX: An Overview

You have two types of pipes running through your yard: water supply lines and drain pipes. Water pipes bring water into your home, while drain lines transport waste water away from your home. While a clog or broken pipe can happen to both types of lines, they tend to occur more often with drain lines.

Do you notice that the water pressure in your home has dropped suddenly? Do you have a higher water bill than normal? That’s a sign of a main water line leak, and this will be on the supply side of your system.

Do you notice standing water that smells like sewage in your yard? Do you have slow drains throughout your home? You most likely have a problem with your main drain line.

An underground water leak develops when the pipe in question suffers from corrosion or simply gets too old. Corrosion only happens to metal pipes, such as copper pipes or stainless steel pipes. However, plastic pipes only last to a certain point before they start to give and produce leaks. 

A leak can also develop if it experiences a clog. The clog that isn’t resolved through drain cleaning can create excessive pressure levels, impacting the integrity of the pipe. 

Finally, if your home has an irrigation system with a sprinkler, there are many more points for the water main leak to occur.

how to repair water link in your mckinney yard

How to Fix a Water Leak in the Yard

A pipe leak in your yard requires immediate attention. Learn what to expect when a McKinney plumber comes to fix a water leak in the yard. 

Step One: Locate the Leak

Your plumber will perform leak detection by looking for the location of the leak. Give them as much information as you have by paying attention to when the problem occurs, and what happens after water flows through the underground pipe. 

A plumber may complete a sewer camera inspection using an endoscope with a camera to look inside of your pipes for more thorough leak detection. The camera can expose obvious problems, but it can’t detect pinhole leaks. 

Your plumber will have other leak indicator tools and knowledge to find the leak on the supply side, even if you can’t fully provide enough information. They can also perform a hydrostatic pressure test to confirm the leak if it’s a supply side issue.

Step Two: Turn Off the Water

You don’t want to prolong water leaks, causing more water damage to your home if there is also a leak in your slab. Water damage to a concrete foundation can be especially difficult and expensive to repair. 

Before you need slab leak repair in McKinney, TX, turn off the water as soon as you notice the water leak, especially in the case of a large leak. These types of leaks can cause a lot of damage, and not all are covered by insurance

You can shut off water to your home using the shut-off valve at your main water supply. Alternatively, you can call your water service to ask them to turn off the water for you. 

With no water coming to your home, you won’t be able to use your appliances or fixtures. Without the ability to use the toilet or the shower, you will need to work fast. 

Step Three: Mark Placement of All Utility Lines

With the location of the leak indicated, the plumber will mark the placement of your utility lines. 

You have other utilities coming into your house. For example, many homes have a gas line that supplies gas to their gas water heater or gas stove. You may also have electrical wires underground. 

If any of the lines underground become hit, it can cause serious damage or injury, such as a gas leak. 

If you have a blueprint to help pinpoint where the underground utility lines run, it can save time and money. In most cases, the plumber will call a local locator to mark utilities just to be safe.

Step Four: Access the Leak

A leak in the yard involves underground pipes. Your plumber will need to access the pipes in order to fix the problem. 

If you’re curious, you can read about the plumbing code specifications in Collin County to learn how deep the pipes will be. 

The plumber may need to dig into your yard to access the pipes. They may

also have other tools and tricks to reach the leak with less effort, such as trenchless sewer and pipe repair methods.

Step Five: Repair the Leak

With the leaky pipe exposed, the plumber can repair the water line leak. They may decide to patch the leak or replace the entire pipe. 

Getting Leak Repair in McKinney Through Hackler Plumbing 

Plumbing leaks require immediate assistance. When you need water leak repair in your McKinney, TX yard, enlist the services of Hackler Plumbing. 

Hackler plumbing also offers the following plumbing services: drain cleaning, water heater repair, slab leak repair, and more.

Contact Hackler Plumbing to schedule sewer line repair in McKinney, TX and the surrounding area today.

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