How Plumbing And Sanitation Eradicate Disease

20 Feb

Although the wonders of modern medicine have done much to help eradicate diseases such as cholera and polio, the importance of sanitation and plumbing should not be understated. In 1854, Dr. John Snow discovered that diseases are commonly carried through drinking water by tracing a cholera outbreak in London back to a single infected water pump. This idea revolutionized medicine, but also showed just how important clean water is to keep disease away. Plumbers are the unsung heroes of this story because they not only eliminate disease, but prevent it from spreading in the first place.

In order to appreciate what plumbing has already done for us in America, which is taken for granted at this point in time, let’s look at a country well behind. In overcrowded places such as India, sanitation is still a major issue and thus so is disease. According the international charity, 769 million Indians do not have modern sanitation and 77 million do not even have access to clean water.

“The World Bank estimates that 21 percent of communicable diseases in India are linked to unsafe water and the lack of hygiene practices. Further, over 500 children under the age of five die each day from diarrhea in India alone.”  Quote Reference: Best Jacksonville Plumbers.

Instead of working to improve the situation causing the outbreak of diseases such as polio, a disease that has been eradicated in all first world countries, pharmaceutical companies are pushing to fund vaccinations for the population. This does not fix the issue because diseases will continue to thrive in unsanitary conditions, it simply suspends the inevitable. This conversation isn’t about the vaccine debate, but how good, indoor plumbing systems helped to curb disease in our beloved country.

India is not the only place suffering from a lack of sanitary conditions. According to the charity Sanergy, “2.5 billion people lack access to hygienic sanitation,” an astonishing number when compared to our total population of around 7.4 billion. Billions of dollars a year are poured into vaccinating the population, but if this money was instead used to improve sanitation, the vaccinations would no longer be necessary. Rather than avoiding the diseases, the diseases could truly be eradicated.

Rather than giving credit to big pharmaceutical companies, thank your local plumber for helping you maintain a safe living environment for your family. Without plumbers, Americans would still be battling deadly diseases such as polio and cholera. Take full advantage of your access to proper sanitation by calling a plumber when something is not working correctly. Here at Hackler Plumbing in McKinney, we are passionate about keeping you and your family safe. By keeping your plumbing clean and effective, we are taking steps to make the world a disease-free place.

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