Clogged Drain? Fix it Fast

09 Jun

A clogged drain can cause a lot of headaches. From sinks and bathtubs that refuse to drain water to the possibility of damaged sewer pipes, if the clog is serious enough, you might have a complicated repair on your hands. When fixing a clogged drain, there are some simple things you can try before calling one of our friendly plumbers to do the job.

First: Use a Snake or Plunger

A snake or plunger can both fix a clogged drain if the problem isn’t too serious. Both are relatively cheap when purchased at a hardware store, and they can be used multiple times.

Plunger in Mckinney TxPlunger

The most common use of a plunger is on your toilet clogs, but don’t limit it to this application alone. If you have a sink clog with a disposer, cover the drain with a wet cloth and plunge the disposal hole for 15 to 20 seconds (this can get dirty, so make sure to wear gloves). If this doesn’t solve the problem, cover the disposer hole with the wet cloth and use the plunger on the other side.

If you’ve already used various chemicals to try and clear your drain, we suggest that you do not plunge your drain. These chemicals can cause burns or worse if you come in contact with them.

Plumbing snake mckinney txSnake

If you’d prefer to use a plumbing snake, loosen the setscrew and pull out roughly 6 feet of snake and then tighten the setscrew again.

Next, feed the snake down into the drain slowly. If you feel like you’ve hit something in the first few feet, it’s likely that the snake is just trying to turn a corner in the pipe. Continue slowly and feed an additional 5 to 6 feet into the drain if necessary.

After you’ve fed at least three to four feet of snake into the drain and you feel an obstruction at the other end, this might be the culprit that you’ve been looking for. Continue pushing and cranking the snake until you feel the snake push through the obstruction. Once the plumbing snake is through the clog, crank counterclockwise and slowly pull the snake back out.

The snake will be dirty. Have a bucket handy with some soap and water to help minimize the mess and try to clean the snake as you pull it out from the drain. Repeat the entire process once or twice until the entire clog is gone and thoroughly rinse the drain with one-half cup of baking soda and one-half cup of vinegar to remove any additional deposits left behind.

When Fixing a Clogged Drain Becomes Complicated

In many cases, a clogged drain can become more than the plunger or snake can handle. While there are household chemicals available for people to try, these can often be harmful if they were to come into contact with bare skin or eyes.

To help solve the stubborn drain clogs, we suggest contacting one of our friendly and experienced Mckinney Texas-based plumbers today.


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