Water Heater Replacement Costs

10 Jun

cost-of-water-heater-replacement-mckinney-texasThe replacement costs for a water heater vary from home-to-home. You may replace your current water heater with a unit that is exactly the same as what you have, or you may make a change that saves your family money and energy. The water heater replacement options listed below explain how you may make a change in your home when your current water heater no longer does its job.

#1: Use The Same Unit

Your plumber can simply repair your water heater if the problem is minor. The major manufacturers often state that a unit should last 8 to 10 years, so if yours is acting up short of this time period it’s possible that a repair can be made. Of course cost will determine if this is justified or not.

#2: Downsize

You may downsize to a smaller unit if you believe you do not need a large unit anymore. This may be the case if you had a large family, but now have an empty nest. Small water heaters use much less water, and they will use less energy to heat it. You can squeeze a small water heater into a tiny space, and you may save space that can be used for other purposes.

tankless-water-heaters#3: Use A Tankless Heater

A tankless water heater is a box that attaches to the wall where the main water line is. You Can have a tankless heater installed quickly, and the it will take up almost no space at all. You may convert the previously used area into a storage closet or office. This is a new trend that is catching on quickly, as it saves money over time.

#4: Upgrading Your Unit

A traditional water heater upgrade will cost more money than your original unit, but if you have a growing family it may be worth it. You must consider how much the performance of the unit means to you, and you may weigh the time it takes to access hot water if your new tank offers a larger volume. A new water heater will likely be more efficient, because this improves over time.

Not sure what to choose? Ask a plumber for advice when choosing a new unit. Your plumber has all the most recent information on new water heaters, and you will be privy to new technology other people often don’t read about. Ask your plumber’s honest opinion before making your purchase.

Most water heater replacements and repairs will require a permit when done in Texas. Reach out to our friendly plumbers today for expert assistance.


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