Top 10 Things to do in McKinney Texas

05 Jun

Just north of Dallas, McKinney Texas is a quickly growing city with a lot to offer. Every year, thousands of new residents and visitors come to McKinney in order to enjoy its charm. No matter if you are new to McKinney, or have lived here for years, there is a lot to do. Below is a list of ten great ideas to help you navigate the town.

10: If you are new to the area, or have lived around McKinney your whole life and want to learn more about its history, The Collin County History Museum is a wonderful place to find out about what went into building our community. Its permanent collection of maps, manuscripts, and newspapers give you a great feel of what it was like living in Texas over the last century.

9: For a different kind of museum experience, housed in one of the oldest, and best preserved, historic homes in Texas, is the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts.   Combining history, art, and landscaping paying a visit can be a great addition to a relaxing day on the town. Tours of the home are available, as well as are various events and workshops throughout the year.

8: Sometimes it is more fun to have an interactive artistic experience. Luckily, Painting with a Twist provides you with the chance to express your own inner Picasso. Led by local artists, you will get personal instruction on how to create one of over 5,000 works of art. So, bring your own snacks and beverages, and let loose. You’ll never know if you have a hidden artistic talent unless you try it!

7: Do you have kids? Do they occasionally need to burn off some energy? If so, Obstacle Warrior Kids might be the destination for you. More than just an indoor playground, Obstacle Warrior Kids offers a unique opportunity for children to embrace their inner ninja warrior. They will have an opportunity to climb walls, walk tightropes, swing on rings, and attempt other fun tests of skill.   One and two hour sessions are available, and no reservations are required.

6: Do you need to also burn off some energy? Then you might want to check out the Erwin Park Hike and Bike Trail. No matter if you are into mountain biking, hiking, or trail running, at 7.6 miles of trail, there is space to roam. The route is considered moderate difficulty, but is well maintained. And it runs alongside a river, so there is plenty of chances to take your time and enjoy the wildlife.

5: Get some sun and hit some golf balls! McKinney’s Oak Hollow Golf Course has three levels of challenge depending on if you are a novice or an expert. If you are not up for playing 18-holes, the driving range and practice greens can be a fun quick break during your day. And, if you need to purchase any equipment, the local pro shop will be able to set you up!

4: For those that like relaxing in the outdoors, McKinney’s Towne Lake Recreation Area might be the thing for you. This 108-acre park contains a 22-acre lake, where you can fish, paddle, sun yourself, or enjoy a game of volleyball. Or, if you have any interest in playing or learning disk golf, you can play a round or two at an 18-hole course.

3: You could spend a week exploring all of the local breweries and vineyards surrounding McKinney. You really could. Between the Franconia Brewing Company, TUPPS Brewery, Mitas Hill Vineyard, Landon Winery, and Wales Manor, each offer a unique experience as well as taste. Not that much into libations? You could still enjoy a day out going to a local concert or event at any of these destinations.

2: McKinney’s Main Street is one of the oldest, and most robust downtown areas in Texas. Home of many shops and restaurants, there is plenty to explore. Depending on when you go, you can find classic car shows, holiday celebrations, parades, or even a race. And even if it happens to be a slow day, the classic architecture home to main street is exciting to take in.

1: Drumroll please! And the number one thing to do in McKinney, Texas is… visit the Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary.

This 289-acre sanctuary is one of the last remaining examples of Blackland Prairie in the state. Many of the plants and animals that can be found here are unique to the area, so even if you are coming from a different part of Texas, there is likely something new to experience. The museum itself has new exhibits seasonally, providing a fun time for all ages. Admission is affordable as well, which encourages you to come back again and again.
What are your favorite sites to see in McKinney? Do you agree with our list? We would love to hear your thoughts below!

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