Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

24 Jun

plumbing-tips-for-homeowners-mckinney-txPlumbing is one of those conveniences that you don’t give much thought until something goes wrong, and then it becomes the most important and irreplaceable feature in the house!  Though there are definitely times when you need the help of a professional, there are also plenty of quick and easy plumbing fixes that you can do for yourself that will make your life easier, and possibly save you money in the long run.  Some of these plumbing tips for homeowners solve problems and some of them prevent them, but all of them will come in handy.  As your McKinney, Texas neighbor, Hackler Plumbing is more than happy to share these helpful hints with you.

Plumbing Tips for Homeowners:

1.    Be prepared for an emergency by knowing where all of your shut-off valves are.  This not only means the main shut-off for all of the water in your home, but also how to turn off water to individual appliances, toilets, and sinks.  If you end up with a problem and water is spraying out of a pipe or overflowing a sink, you don’t want to waste valuable time figuring out where to go to shut off the flow.  Take the time to figure out where your sewer valve is too, or else when you call for professional help you’re going to be paying the plumber’s labor fee while he goes off looking for it.

2.    One of the most helpful plumbing tips for homeowners is to know what to do when the weather gets cold.  Even though McKinney, Texas (and Dallas at large) generally has mild winters, sub-freezing temperatures can still come through.  You need to know what to do to prevent pipes from freezing.  Insulating exposed pipes in your garage is an easy and inexpensive preventative measure.  So is letting your taps run at a light trickle to keep the pipes from getting frozen.  You can also open your cabinet doors on especially cold nights to expose pipes that are hidden inside them to the warmer heated air in the house.

3.    If you’re having plumbing work done in your home and the water’s been shut off, then this plumbing tip for homeowners may turn out to be your favorite.  Just because the water’s off doesn’t mean the toilets don’t work – it just means that they don’t refill.  You can fill up two-gallon buckets with water and then flush the toilet by pouring the water into the bowl.  Each bucket is the equivalent of one flush, and it’s definitely better than having to run to the neighbors every time you need to go.

4.    Finally, if you’re the parent of small children who think the toilet is a great place to send toys swimming, this is one of the greatest plumbing tips for homeowners we know.  Instead of trying to plunge and sending the foreign object further down into the pipes, try using a Wet-Vac shop vacuum to suck out the water and the obstruction.  Works like a charm, saves the expense of calling in a plumber, and the kids will think it’s cool too!

We at Hackler Plumbing McKinney hope you find these tips helpful.  Of course, should you need any assistance don’t hesitate to give us a call.  Sometimes we can offer complimentary advice right over the phone, depending on the issue.  If you do need to call us out, remember our service call charge is one of the lowest around.  If we end up doing the work, it gets applied to your bill.



By Hackler Plumbing


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