Most Common Signs of Furnace Repairing

14 Jan

As you know, we are here to serve your plumbing needs. However, we sometimes receive calls and questions related to HVAC repair. (Some plumbers do offer both.) This post is to share some insight about those services to be helpful.

It is noted that the average lifespan of a furnace is about 15 years. This maximum lifespan will achievable only when you keep your furnace regularly checked. So here are the signs of your heater might need a tune-up, by spotting these signs you will be able to diagnose a problem, get your furnace repaired and may avoid any troublesome.

Accumulation of water around your furnace

There are two indicators which suggest that your furnace is being leaked: water and gas. Gas leakage is significantly more dangerous than water leakage, but it does not mean that you should not pay attention to water leakage. Water leakage needs to be immediately repaired if you want to enjoy all the benefits from your furnace. Water leakage is very easy to spot. You can easily identify the accumulation of water under or near your furnace. When you notice pooling of water near your furnace, then immediately call your plumber to affix this problem. Ignoring water pools, especially those in the attic that are surrounded by insulation, can lead to mold damage, according to this company. 

A Smell of gas

Gas leakage is also easy to identify. Gas leakage can be easily detected by smell. If you smell any gas then immediately shut down your furnace, find out the gas supply valve and turn it off. You must be very much careful in such circumstances and should call an HVAC technician.

Thermostat stops working

If you notice that your home is not being heated properly and you need to turn your furnace higher and higher even a little bit, then it would be a sign of malfunctioning of your thermostat. The thermostat may stop working due to any electrical issues, like loose wiring, blown fuses. On this occasion, you are recommended to call a trained and skilled HVAC professional to get this issue addressed properly.

The Rise of the utility bill

The rise of the utility bill is also another strong indicator that your system needs to be repaired. In this scenario it is often difficult to figure out the culprit. However, a trained HVAC technician has all the equipment and expertise to find the problem. Therefore, you must call a skilled technician to avoid any serious problem. Note: This especially true in the Summertime when the air conditioning is running. If you notice a large spike that seems out of the ordinary, be sure to call an AC repair company to measure your refrigerant levels. 

A Blow of cold air from your furnace

One of the clearest indicators is that if your furnace has started blowing cold air instead of hot, then it is a sign of worrisome for you. This issue is commonly caused by the thermocouple or pilot light, both of which are intricate and complex to be solved easily. Therefore, you should not try it on your own rather call a specialized expertise to evaluate and sort out this issue.

Have you ignored your furnace for a year?

Last but not least, if you have ignored or neglected your furnace for a year then you are due for annual maintenance. Your filter will almost definitely need to be replaced after a certain period of time. Most of the HVAC repair companies recommend to replacing the filter after every one month. Therefore, we also recommend you to get your furnace checked on a regular basis for the good health of your furnace.