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Plumbing Checklist for Homebuyers

01 Dec

Plumbing Checklist for Homebuyers There is nothing worse than buying a home and finding an unexpected plumbing disaster. Not only did you most likely spend quite a bit to move into your new home, but now you’re expected to fix a problem that was there before you moved in? The good news is, if it’s […]

Water Leak Detection Tips

19 Oct

 Water Leak Detection Tips  There is nothing more discouraging than finding out you have a water leak in your home. It’s never a dull moment when the plumbing fails. Water leaks are one of the most common plumbing issues homeowners have to experience. Sometimes they can’t be prevented and other times they can. However, there […]

5 Tips For DIY Toilet Repair

08 Sep

 5 Tips For DIY Toilet Repair For small issues that don’t involve broken pipes or sewer backups, there’s no need to hire a plumber to fix it. The most common issues in plumbing you’ll face involve your toilet. You can save money by avoiding a bill from the plumber and by fixing fixtures that may […]